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The industry Leader in ENT & Orthopaedic Reprocessing 

Closed-Looped Reprocessing
original Devices Returned to You

Our closed-loop reprocessing model maximizes savings and gives your surgeons added piece of mind.  When you collect devices and ship them into our facility for reprocessing, the very devices you collect are the devices returned to you for use.

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Paid Donor Program
Get Paid to Recycle

Let us make sustainability an added revenue stream for you and your center.  SureTek will pay you for devices you are throwing away or sending to other reprocessors for disposal. 


Ask us for more information regarding our paid device program and receive up to $10/device while decreasing waste costs and enhancing your sustainability initiatives.

Cost Savings
60% average savings per device

SUD Reprocessing is a proven tool to combat rising SUD costs and help you reduce procedural costs at your center. Our focused ENT/Orthopedic program is a reliable and proven strategy within the ASC market. 


Our experienced team will  implement a targeted device strategy, aimed at reducing procedural costs while providing the highest reprocessed device quality.

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Image by Sarah Dorweiler


Reduced waste
increased device supply
cost savings of >60%


Environmental and Supply Chain sustainability initiatives are a critical link between healthcare providers and their communities. 


SUD Reprocessing and our paid donor program provide an efficient path to reduce your overall medical waste stream and environmental footprint while keeping more devices available within a limited supply chain system. 

Reducing waste and increasing device supply, all while cutting costs,  make reprocessing a sustainable decision you can be proud to implement at your center.

Device Portfolio

Click here for photos and more information 

SureTek Medical is sharply focused on  implementing a program aimed at reducing costs via reprocessing of

ENT and Orthopaedic devices.  We believe in focusing on devices that deliver both high surgeon satisfaction and a high savings/device ratio.  Most of the devices we focus on reprocessing will generate in excess of $100/device when reprocessed and returned to your center.

  • ENT Electrodes/Coblation Devices

  • ENT Shavers

  • ENT Tubing

  • CTR Carpal Tunnel Release Blades

  • Orthopaedic Electrosurgical Ablation Wands

  • Arthroscopic Shavers

  • Colorado Needles

  • Orthopaedic Class I Devices

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